UltraDior Medium Shopper by Dior

There are some things in life that are worth waiting for and Dior is one of them. For the past year I have dreamed of owning the UltraDior shopper. It was going to keep being a dream because well, the UltraDior shopper is only available in Europe. However on a recent business trip to Paris, after fighting boarder control, delayed flights, and jet lag as I went up the escalator to my gate there was a Dior store. Shining down in light like a beam from heaven in the window was the UltraDior in the window…I had to have it. See my video review below to hear me talking like giddy school girl over this bag.

The Positives

  • QUALITY! Oh man I thought when I bought my first Louis Vuitton that I knew what quality was, not so…Dior is awesome. The leather is supple and yet held up to me getting caught in the rain (yes I did silently weep when that happened). Post rain, it still looks great and maintained its color/texture.
  • Price, this bag is about the same price as the Pochette Metis and is leather – so a relative bargain in terms of luxury handbags. Overall I’ve notices the prices of Dior to be on par with LV and you seem to get a better bag for the money.
  • Little details. From the leather covered zipper to the little silver feet on the bottom, you can tell the functionality of the bag was well thought out. Props for also having leather on straps in combo with the chain – we all know who doesn’t do this *cough Chanel cough*.

The Negatives

  • Availability. Ok I hate when bloggers show me something that I can’t get and I’m apologizing to you now for doing this to you. Unless you live in Europe or visit you can’t get this bag – trust me I asked several times. However, if you do want and you know someone in Europe, Dior will let you buy it through a European boutique and then have your friend pick it up (dumb dumb dumb – I know).
  • Straps – sometimes. Sometimes if I overload the bag, one strap will fall off my shoulder. I’m thinking it’s more me and my weak shoulders than the bag.

Finally, if you do end up going abroad don’t be stupid like me and buy this in an airport. You will pay the most $$ in the airport – this was a couple hundred Euros cheaper in Paris, I just couldn’t get there/figured with Dior designer changes it wouldn’t be available much longer.


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