Fossil Sydney Shopper Review

Within the last few years I’ve noticed several different handbag companies go under major design changes. A great example is Coach, who after moving on from those heinous “C” logo bags has come back to it’s roots of minimalist clean lined leather. Another company, which quite frankly, I’ve hated with a passion, is Fossil. Fossil’s designs for me growing up always seemed super weird with patchwork rainbow leather and those giant keys hanging off the strap. However, in the last few years, Fossil has really cleaned up its act and began making some really nice chic looking bags. In particular, its Sydney bag line gives vibes of an ultra cool girl who is also very practical. Which is why in my search for a zip top tote, the Sydney Shopper Tote was my first choice.

The Sydney Shopper is my briefcase/giant purse/laptop bag. And after using it for sometime, I was pleasantly surprised at how much I heart my purse. See my video review below where I profess my ❤ for this bag!



  • Compartments! This bag is awesome in terms of storage inside and out. Fossil really thought of every woman’s frustration with totes and added features to mitigate that on this bag. First, there is an outside pocket to put a phone/keys. Inside boasts a zipper compartment and multiple little side pockets. For a big bag you really stay organized!!
  • Feet! I don’t have pictures of it here, but the bag does have little feet on the bottom. That’s a great feature to have on a bag one would use for work everyday, it does make a big difference in the long run when preserving the foundation of the bag.
  • IT HAS A ZIPPER CLOSURE!! AMEN! Ok, let’s get real for a second. I have seen so many women with $3,000+ leather totes that do not have a lining and a closure in NYC. These bags are so open; one could literally reach in and steal anything. Why pay so much money for a status symbol that is going to get you robbed? This Fossil bag zips closed and really eases my mind when I’m traveling/doing stuff. IF YOU TRAVEL A LOT BUY THIS BAG!!



  • I wish the lining in this bag were just a little more robust. It’s not that big of deal but can see myself replacing in the distant future due to a hole in the lining.
  • This isn’t so much a negative but it can get a little tight with a laptop inside, so you may have to take stuff out in order to carry the laptop. That said, of course right after I buy this bag, Fossil came out with a laptop version – go figure!


Clearly from reading this blog, you all know I have a lot of purses and the Sydney Shopper is the one bag I get the most complements on. I’m so happy Fossil moved away from the patchwork and into practical modern bags that solve the problems that drive every purse girl crazy!!

PS. I took off that Key tag lol!


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