Knomo London Backpack Review

The backpack is no longer just for those in school. Over the past few years we’ve seen the backpack-purse trend come back and this fall it has seemed to reach a peak. Specifically, the black quilted backpack had been the one trend that has really caught my eye. Since my travel has been picking up have a backpack has actually been really critical – I need my hands free for activities!


What I have found though, is that prices on said backpacks are cray. MZ Wallace, Kate Spade, and Tumi all have the quilted backpack style ranging from about $300-$500. That’s a lot of cash for 1. a trend that may disappear after this season and 2. something that is going to touch the filthy ground of airports, train stations, and public bathrooms *shudder*. But fear not! I am here to day that I have found an amazing quilted backpack at an amazing price – it’s the quilted backpack by Knomo!

I caught this little gem on sale and boy has it paid for itself a million times over. As you can see from my video below, I’ve literally brought this bag everywhere and it’s held up sooo well!


  • It’s super lightweight! Unlike other bags I own I can honestly say this bag is heavy because of the stuff I put in it not the material. In addition the material is waterproof so I don’t worry to much when this bag/my stuff gets caught in the elements.
  • It’s traceable! Like other luggage companies Knomo bags come with a serial number inside so you can altert them if you bag goes missing and help you track it down! This really eases my mind when I’m traveling with work stuff since I know that everything (hopefully) would be returned to me if I left my backpack somewhere.
  • It looks awesome! On a recent trip to Paris I had a very chic French woman complement me on my backpack – if that isn’t winning in the style department I don’t know what is!



  • My only real complaint is the straps, they are really thin for the type of bag it is meant to be. As result I make an effort to not overload it. I also can see why it maybe went on sale due to this reason. This won’t be a problem for me until they break, which I don’t think is anytime soon.
  • Another nice to have on this (that I again see missing from literally every brand that makes a woman’s backpack) is that outside zipper compartment that would sit directly against your back. Does it really cost that much to add this?


Knomo if you read this, do a girl a favor reissue this bag with wider straps and that back zipper pocket – you will be my travel hero 4life!

Final verdict is Knomo is a seriously underrated brand! While everyone is paying up the hoo-ha for a really nice looking backpack, you could be laughing all the way to the bank with your quality made, chic Knomo!




2 thoughts on “Knomo London Backpack Review

  1. I waffled on buying this a little too long and it sold out! But all is well because I ended up snagging the Beauchamp during Knomo’s after Christmas sale for $90. It’s thinner than yours, but it still holds quite a bit and looks so sleek. It is by far better quality than the nearly $300 Tumi backpacks I was considering. I currently have a Tumi Q-tote, and while it’s gorgeous, the leather used for the handles is not very good quality. The surface color scratches off far too easily and looks awful after only three months of careful use. I love your reviews and the mix of designers!


    1. So glad you were able to snag a Knomo backpack. I’ve since found out Knomo is actually run by one of the original Tumi founders – so you def can’t go wrong!! So glad you love the site 😊


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