The Ultimate Tote: Everlane Magazine Tote

There is one thing I believe every bag person is on the hunt for and it’s the perfect tote. Totes are tough because they either fall into one of two categories: 1. Expensive as hell but look great and 2. Cheap and falls apart in two minutes. So when you find a tote that is just right, it’s a literal miracle. About two years ago, I found my perfect tote, and it’s Everlane’s Petra Magazine tote.

Everlane does many things very well. Everlane has created not only a brand but a loyal following of shoppers who love the minimalistic look with a smart price tag. While most of the attention goes to their t-shirts, Weekender bags, and shoes – it’s their leather products that truly stand out to me. The leather quality of Everlane’s Petra line can stand up to any luxury brand (and in my case has held up better than my luxury brand leathers). And that is what makes the Magazine tote so special its quality is lux and I bought it for less than $350.

The positives of the Magazine tote don’t end at its price or quality. It had features that are just not found on other more expensive options. For example, the feet at the bottom of the bag or the hidden strap adjustment cleverly hidden by metal hardware. The bag is simplistic but leaves people wondering “I wonder where she got that?”. In addition, the Magazine tote fits a ton. It carries not only magazines but comfortably holds a purse, travel mug, laptop, and keys. I’ve used it many times on my commutes to New York City and love how easily accessible things are.

Running down the middle are two snap closure pockets, which while you may think aren’t secure, do take some effort to get into – so I do feel that my stuff is protected.  The negatives of this bag are minimal.I  do wish Everlane would make this bag with a zip closure though because I would be more willing to use it as a purse rather than a “work tote”. Also when over stuffed it does have the tendency to tip over but that’s more on me than Everlane.

Overall I think that this bag is a great buy and who doesn’t love look extra chic while laughing all the way to the bank?

Link to Buy:

The Petra Magazine




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