Air Travel Pointers from a Bag Lady

Believe it or not buying purses is not my full time job. Instead my “day job” so to speak actually has me traveling quite a bit and as a result I’ve become a semi-master of packing. Before starting my professional career most of my packing for air travel was done by mom. This isn’t because I was a terrible young adult but because the last time I went on a plane prior to my professional career was when I was 12 on a family vacation to Europe. As you can imagine air travel has changed significantly since then and packing for said travel has become much more complicated. So to help you on your next air travel adventure (which I hope ends with you on a beach drinking from a coconut #lifegoals) here are some of my travel tips:

Don’t check baggage: So I’ve done enough traveling – I’ve seen some stuff. And what I mean by stuff is that my flight couldn’t land in the airport it should have but the airport it did land in was a quick train ride from home, so I just took my 2 carry-ons and my refund from the airline and chugged on home. However, all the other people got to get back on the wonderful tin can in the sky and fly from NY state to Atlanta, GA and then back to NY state at the original intended airport. Lesson: Carry-on only gives you flexibility.

The success of your carry-on only plan depends greatly on the bags you choose. I have found that the Everlane Weekender is by far the best choice for about a 1-2 week journey. It fits a ton and is really light. I’ve stuffed it full and never had a problem in any airport/plane. Another great option is the Fossil Preston Satchel (seen below) because of its barrel shape it’s good for a quick overnight trip. The only thing it doesn’t come with a cross body strap so what I’ve done is ordered one from Etsy which allows me better functionality of the bag. Most often you’ll catch me with the Preston bag as “my purse” and the Everlane Weekender as my big bag.


Put everything you’ll need to take out in one bag: The speed of getting through security is up to you. You can either be one of the a$$holes who put their liquids in 6 different bags and don’t have their laptop out on time or you can be a line hero – be a hero. My suggestion is this if you have a laptop put in the same bag as the liquids then you can just whip both out and be done (that’s what she said – sorry, too perfect). Often after I go through security I’ll just toss my liquids in my other non-laptop bag so I don’t have to worry about liquid – laptop contact during a flight. I’ve always gone through security in less than 5 minutes and I really believe its because I’m just able to separate things out quickly.

Also I recommend one of those long wallets for your primary form of ID and boarding pass. It’s easy to find in a bag and you also don’t have to take out your entire wallet while you’re in line. I also when traveling alone don’t like to stand in the airport fiddling with stuff like that out in the open.



Every bag should have a bag: In my circle of travel buddies I am literally known as the bag lady – and it’s not because of my handbag collection. It’s because I used bags and pouches to organize myself. Those little cosmetic pouches you get with make-up or can find in any beauty section are extremely good buys for this. I’ll put my chargers in one, wallet (if I’m not using my wallet on chain) in another, and so on. It’s really helps me to keep track of where everything is and ironically I think it also helps me carry less.

I also use this method in my everyday life and have pouches for items in purse such as lotions, chapstick, pens – anything prone to leaking really. Not only does it protect my bags but it also helps me make switching purses a lot easier, just grab the pouches and go.

So there are my travel tips for a smooth flight – carry less, be organized, and have safe travels!


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