Searching for the White Whale – A Reasonable Wallet on Chain

Whether purses are your thing or not, there are some bags that everyone should have in their closet. For practicality’s sake it’s always a good idea to have a crossbody, brief case, weekender, clutch,etc. However one really underestimated addition is the wallet on chain. Recently while at lunch with a fellow purse-oholic (the first step is admitting you have a problem), she commented to me that she wished she never wasted her money on her Chanel 2.55 reissue but instead invested in another Chanel wallet on chain. The Chanel 2.55 is my dream, sacrifice my first born, drink blood of virgins, to get it bag so I was pretty shocked to hear such a thing. But my friend explained that when ever she traveled or really needed to run a quick errand the wallet on chain was the default purse. This made me think…I don’t have one of those…I need to investigate!

And so I did…and what I found was pretty disappointing. First when you’re looking for wallet on chain be prepared to whip out the check book. It seemed to me any name brand I explored for wallets on a chain came with a pretty hefty price tag (see below):

Like I said the prices are a little crazy for such a small thing. I will also say in a moment of weakness I said screw it, saw the Tory Burch Wallet on Chain, and did almost buy it. However, standing in line waiting to pay I found it to be really abnormally heavy and thought if it’s heavy now what is it going to be like when I put things in it (side note the Saffiano leather also was not as impressive as it should have been for what it cost)? Too cheap to sacrifice my first born for a Chanel and annoyed at my limited options I gave up. That was until I made a random stop at Lord and Taylor and came across this Lauren by Ralph Lauren Chain wallet. Just like I think God gives you one “damn I wish a cop was around that guy is driving like an ass” and a cop appears and pulls them over, I think she also gives one “oh hey that exact thing you want is in the sale section on amazing clearance” – you get one of each choose wisely.


Holding the wallet in my hand I knew immediately it was for me. Some of the things I really love about this wallet are that it has very similar features to its expensive cousins. For example, it has the outside pocket for quick access and a zippered compartment inside (not to mention another slip pocket and 6 card holders). It also holds a great deal in addition such as a chapstick, phones, hand sanitizer, etc. I’m also loving the material. It appears to be a coated leather making it easy to wipe clean and it has helped keep its color nicely. I chose the nude color since I thought it was pretty neutral and it would be able to go easily from winter to summer. Also it’s much lighter than the Tory Burch wallet on chain because I think the metal used might be slightly cheaper/not filled 100% (personally this doesn’t bother me).


The one negative is that the chain does not come off – this is a permanent chain wallet not a wallet that get curious sometimes and thinks it wants to be a purse. Sometimes I do wish I could separate it but I have found the strap makes it really easy to find when its living inside my travel tote or new briefcase. Another plus for me is that I scooped up this baby for a sweet, sweet $40 with tax – even the sales woman was celebrating with me on this one haha.

The wallet on chain is an underestimated essential and one that doesn’t have to be a major investment to be added to your closet. My advice keep your eyes peeled for a good sale or start saving from now to eternity for that beautiful Chanel.



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