Marc by Marc Jacobs Percy Review

percyMJ_0041There are few bags that I own that I can say have seen some s**t but the Marc by Marc Jacobs Percy is one of them. Marc by Marc Jacobs was the gateway drug to what some who know me may call my “handbag addiction”. When I was in college I bought the Percy with my student job money – I was starving but damn I looked good. This bag has been to Europe, on planes, trains, and everywhere in between and I’m yet to find a small bag to replace it. The Marc by Marc Jacobs Percy isn’t an “investment” bag but it certainly lives up to the title of small but mighty.

Since my purchase of the Percy there have been many iterations of this bag. The version I own has two zipper compartments. Despite its small size the Percy holds quite a bit (see below). The smaller “outside” zipper pocket is a great holder for a chap-stick or metro card or both!


One of the big draws for me of this bag was the hardware and the color. I think colored bags can be tricky. For example, I’m loving that army green color that has been around a lot in late 2015/early 2016 but its a color I’m 80% sure will be out by the end of the year. Red, a bright red, is so demanding a statement color – I think it works well for any season. Cheery in the summer and a nice hit of color against the heavy black/navy’s of winter. Also red is a color that does go on sale. So if you’ve had your eye on a Givenchy, Prada, or any other designer bag in black – consider red, chances are you can score the same bag for much less and still have a color that goes with anything.


The hardware on this bag is great. Totally whimsical and has held up surprisingly  well – I mean it made it through 4 years of college and one roommate who I’m pretty sure believed/lived the “what’s yours is mine” philosophy.  The current iterations of the bag are much less hardware heavy but still have the zippers with the “Marc by Marc Jacobs” brand.

On a sad-ish note as of March 2015, Marc by Marc Jacobs will be phased out. Many of the articles written on the closing say that Marc Jacobs wants to bring everything under one cohesive line before making the company public on the stock market. It does make sense since I always felt  Marc by Marc Jacobs was a very different girl than Marc Jacobs. That said, it is rumored that Marc by Marc Jacobs makes up the majority of revenue for the Marc Jacobs company. Meaning that they probably are consolidating not because designing for two different customers is hard but because one side of the business is really weak.

Plus if we are really real with ourselves even big Marc by Marc Jacobs fans will tell you this might be a good thing. The quality of the Marc by Marc Jacobs line at least from what I noticed has really gone down hill – maybe it is about time we say good riddance in favor of better quality. Let’s hope this doesn’t turn into another Michael Kors.

But what does all this mean for you and getting a hold of your very own Percy? Two words – HELLA SALES. Stores are going to want to purge their stocks of Marc by Marc Jacobs and that means some pretty sweet deals across the board. For example Lord and Taylor has the majority of its Marc by Marc Jacobs spring collection at 75% off right now. So my advice, get in your car, bring some coupons, and buy yourself an adorable red bag.




Marc by Marc Jacobs HELLA SALES*

*I would try stores like Nordstrom, Lord and Taylor, and Nieman’s in person – online is wiped out

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