Louis Vuitton Pochette Métis Review

main_0039When I dream about handbag brands Louis Vuitton is always there. When I first moved to the NYC area I used to walk down 5th Avenue and just stare at  the windows of Louis Vuitton. After changing jobs and making an actual living wage, I decided my first boss lady purchase would be a Louis Vuitton handbag. After much research and Googling I decided on the Pochette Métis.

I’m going to be honest. I really don’t have many negative things to say about this bag – I’m obsessed. When I’m carrying it, this GIF accurately expresses how I feel walking down the street – FIERCE!


I digress…down to the technical. The Pochette Métis is the traditional Louis Vuitton coated canvas and comes with all gold hardware. I have found that my favorite part of the bag is actually the back, which has an outside zipper pocket. Anyone who is familiar with LV will tell you outside pockets on the coated canvas designs are hard to come by. The inside is a micro-fiber lining  and is divided into three main compartments. When I first got it I was little paranoid about stuffing the bag but now I find it holds the same amount of stuff as what I’ve featured in my Everlane review.

The bag is also really practical. With the top handle you can use it as an over-sized clutch but with the cross body strap you have a very functional day bag. The one really great thing about the cross body strap is that it isn’t the natural leather but rather made of the coated canvas. The top strap is the natural leather which will patina after use – I unfortunately have water damage on mine from getting caught in a storm.


The big negative I’ve hear but have not experienced is that there have been reports of the coating on the canvas wearing away. I’ve had this bag for some time and have not experienced this. I also asked my LV SA about this and he said that if that ever happens LV will actually replace your bag. If you do buy a bag of this price range always keep your paper work – I imagine getting replacement pieces would be much easier if you have that paper work.

Side note: I bought this bag at the Harold Square Macy’s NYC and the SA that helped me was AWESOME. He didn’t pressure me to buy at all but was very helpful. This location is a good place to scope since they see so many tourists I think they are used to people trying not buying.

This is an investment piece. I spent nearly $1700 to purchase this bag but I will say it is worth it. Unlike the Speedy, from what I’ve seen online the  Pochette Métis holds its value on the resale market. Rumor also has it that this bag will be discontinued so if you are on the fence between this and a Speedy – go  Pochette Métis. Even if it isn’t discontinued, I would say this purse is more likely to see a price increase in April (when most luxury designer hike up the price) when compared to the Speedy.

Link to the  Pochette Métis.

My video take:






5 thoughts on “Louis Vuitton Pochette Métis Review

  1. i love this bag. It has that kind of preppy look. I also like anything that looks bit old school. This one is classic.I would love to get my hands on a vintage métis 🙂


    1. I know right? It just has such a classic feel! If you are looking for vintage Metis I would say check sites like Fashionphile they always have a decent selection of vintage LV or if you live in NYC there are tons of trust worthy vintage shops!

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